• Ceramic Proppant 40/70

    Oil Proppant (frac sand or ceramic sand) is a kind of products of ceramic particle , which has a high fracturing intensity ,mainly used for oilfield as downhole proppant , The usage is to increase the output of oil and gas. So ceramic sand is a kind of green and environmental protection products .

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  • Oilfield special fracturing proppants high strength ceramic proppant

    Ceramic sand made of high quality bauxite and other additive material, granulating and calcining to increase the strength and density.

    2018/01/12 6

  • Fracturing Ceramic Sand Proppant

    Oil Proppant (frac sand or ceramic sand) Production Line Production Process: crushing→dosing→grinding →granulating→calcining → cooling →screening packing

    2018/01/12 6

  • oil fracturing proppant, ceramic sand, fracking sand

    1.5MT Poly Woven Plastic Bag. Plastic bag for inner packaging, Woven bag for external packaging. Or as your requirement.

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  • High quality low price ceramic proppant for Shale oil stimulation

    we are a professional supplier and manufacturer of ceramic proppant such as Ultra lightweight, light weight proppant, Intermediate strength proppant , Ultra-High density sintered bauxite proppant that are used in the exploitation of hydraulic fracturing in gas&oil fields.

    2018/01/12 9

  • Parallels Coming to the 2014 Macworld Expo

    Since its founding in 1985, the Macworld Expo has become the most influential Apple ecosphere in the world. The exposition, with the theme of "defining the future with innovation", will be o

    2018/01/12 6

  • HP's HP R & D enterprise was finally stranded by Apple

    Beijing time on August 14th, according to foreign media MacRumors reports, people familiar with the matter said that apple and IBM jointly marched into the corporate market, so that competitors felt a

    2018/01/12 5

  • Oculus set up a VR team in London

    Since the acquisition of Oculus for $2 billion in 2014, Facebook, a social platform giant, has been in the forefront of the development of VR. With the development of the market, VR in the United Stat

    2018/01/12 77

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