Shanxi AnYiCheng New Material manufacture Co.,Ltd

Shanxi AnYiCheng New Material manufacture Co.,Ltd is located in Libi village of Yangquan city.The main production in line with international API and domestic SY/T5108, SY/6302 standard fracturing ceramic proppant products. The annual output of 35,000 tons.

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In order to reduce the destabilizing effects of human technology, we adopt PLC centralized control to improve the stability of the product . There are a powerful team consists of three senior engineers and seven engineers to develop products. So we can continuously improve the quality of product and develop new product adopt market requirements. The technical team was granted of honour of Yangquan Labor Model and New Technology Innovation Expert with outstanding

 Shanxi AnYiCheng New Material companycompared with domestic manufacturer, the most significant change in our company is : combined grinding,  full-automatic pellet, semi product surface and treatment , finished product homogenizing firing technology.

To guarantee the accuracy and uniformity of the burdening, we use full automatic batching system to carry on burdening, and use advanced high-speed mixing equipment to stir. Timed automatic feeding and atomizing watering ensure the uniformity and smooth of the semi-finished products. Advanced ceramsite heat-treatment process as well as the timely temperature monitoring system guarantee the length of the clinkering zone and the accuracy of the firing temperature, so that ceramsites can finish full reaction and be sintered completely in suitable temperature. The whole production line is concise, accurate, efficient and environmental, all of these characteristics provide strong guarantee to produce ceramsites of high quality.